Surfing in Iceland – it’s just so swell

9. August, 2020

What do Iceland and California have in common? Even a seasoned traveller will struggle to answer. We’ll save you time looking for the answer. It’s surfing. Yes, you read this right.

The small nation even has its pro-surfer, Heiðar Logi and about two dozen surfers. He has yet to recruit a mass following in the country but it’s possible to follow in his footsteps. Any traveller aged 16 and over can attend a day-long surfing school and undertake a surfing trip in the Reykjanes peninsula in south Iceland.

Taking a lesson in a surf school with your friends might be the best way to start your introduction to the art of surfing in Icelandic waters. A local instructor will teach you about the technique, equipment, environment and safety. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can take to the waves. There is no need to travel far. You will be surfing just 50km away from Reykjavik, near Thorlakshofn, a fishing village on the south coast. A kit of a board and a neoprene suit of a balaclava hood, 5mm wetsuit, gloves and boots is included, as is hot chocolate. Let’s hope the Icelandic weather gods will look kindly on you, and soon you’ll breaking the waves amid Iceland’s stunning scenery.


By  Svetlana Graudt

Svetlana was born in Moscow, where as many as nine million people use the metro every day. After 12 years in London she moved to Reykjavik for love. Svetlana loves cities and reading long articles in The New Yorker.