What does 2024 look like for travellers?

Posted 5 months ago

It is fair to say that people have been thirsty to travel the world again after being forced to stay home for 2 years during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some people managed to travel a bit in the last couple of years, however, the destinations and patterns were different as people often sought quiet, exotic, and far-away destinations.

There is a certain change in behavior we are seeing in travelers, they seem to enjoy living in the moment and aim to be present on their journey. It‘s less about checking off the bucket list but more about taking in the surroundings and appreciating each and every moment.

Travelers are more conscious about their destinations and seem to be seeking fulfillment and life-changing experiences.

We have seen travel trends here in Iceland come quickly back to pre-pandemic levels as people feel safer to travel. However, according to PENTA, the pandemic has made luxury travel more frequent, as people want to be distanced and have more private travel. Things that were considered a luxury before the pandemic such as private jets, villas, private guides, and yachts are now more frequent and becoming normal.

One of the trends we will see more this year is extended stays and „ed-ventures“. Since the pandemic, a lot of employees can work remotely, which means people can extend their stays and work remotely from the holiday destination. It is also highly likely that the youngest family members will be combining their holiday with education, workshops and learning in a fun and creative way. This will also make sure that families across generations travel together as people are craving to spend time together.

Health, safety and self-care have been on top of people's minds and therefore wellness is something people will travel for increasingly in the future. We will see more people seek activities both indoors and outdoor that make them connect with their inner selves. Meditation is becoming a big part of traveller's life and so they seek places that are perfect for that. Travellers are more interested in mindfulness and spirituality, this is why we are expecting to see spa and wellness treatments seek more demand and might be hard to get on short notice.

We are optimistic and hopeful that 2024 will be an exceptional travel year and we can‘t wait for take-off!